June 20th-July 6th

A hodge-podge of activity has been going on this week...

Woke up early
(for me...*ahem*...)
and went to the $1 Old Navy Flip Flop Sale.

Let me just say,
I never knew people were so crazy for flip flops!

The line for check out was all the way to the back
of the store,
and it started to wrap back tot he front!

The staff was speedy, though,
and I had a pleasant conversation with the ladies
around me while I waited.

After grocery shopping,
we said "Good bye" to Tyler,
Little Wild Man's sleep over buddy.

He is moving to Virgina,
and we are sure gonna miss him...

In the evening,
we met another family from church
and took care of
ANOTHER church family's garden and critters.

We did this all week,
while they are away on a beach vacation-
and OH! 

The adventures we have had out
on their "mountain"...


One of the sweet girls in my
K-1 Sunday School Class was baptized during
second service-

I love to see those little ones
smiling from ear-to-ear when they come 
up out of the baptistry...



Cleaned and did laundry,
organized a closet...


the excitement for this day happened 
in the evening...

I got a call from Randi,
(my "sista-from-another-mista")
while she and her kiddos were taking
care of the garden and critters.

(We decided her family would take care
of the garden and critters at the
beginning of the week,
while my family would take the end of the week.)

Randi was in HYSTERICS.

A storm was about to hit the area,
and the winds had blown open the chicken coop door,
letting the chicken run rouge.

She wanted to know
if there was a certain way to catch them,
because one of the dogs on the property 
had already...


TORN APART one of the escaped hens!

(Her kiddos saw the entire thing to,
and they were freakin' out...)

To make a long story short,
the chickens were eventually caught,
(one not being caught until Wednesday evening)
with only one dying a canine-induced death.

Side note:

Some other friends came and helped 
to catch the chickens,
and WRECKED on the way home.

They are OK,
but it was just the 
"icing on the cake" to the evening...



(Now that we have established
that chickens are a tad crazy and 
VERY stupid,
let's move onto to better events,
shall we?)

July 3rd is my father's and my husband's
so we spent the evening having a 
family birthday party
for not only them, but also for Baby Girl
(July 14th Baby)
AND Mimi
(the now 16 year old who was a flower girl 
in my wedding).

We had a good meal,
(with THREE cakes),
opened presents, 
was introduced to
enjoyed each other's company,
and then went home to fill up
250 water balloons
for the
4th of July Neighborhood Parade...



Happy 4th of July!

We had a great time in the 'hood,
parading and eating ice cream and getting wet...

(You can read more about the parade 
by clicking HERE.)

We ended the evening by 
taking care of the critters and the garden,
hid some "special notes" around the house
for the home owners to find when they get home,
(hee! hee!)
and then the kiddos spent the night
with Mimi and her sister.



Since I didn't have ANY kiddos around,
I had a leisurely, quiet day to myself,
where I organized some drawers 
and completed a little crafty project...

(I will post about that next week sometime.)



Off to Dollywood
with Randi and her family,
and then we will celebrate her son's
10th birthday
at a home made drive-in movie-



Check out a photo play-by-play 
of the above collage
by clicking HERE...


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  1. Note to self - forget about volunteering to take care of friends' chickens, while they are on vacation - check!

  2. You may think you have lost a follower because of this post, but you gained one in me. I love people who don't take life too seriously. Thanks for reminding me to keep humor in my parenting.