May 26th - June 1st

Reorganization is the key to this week...
As our Summer Break continues,
so does my de-cluttering spree.

Last week,
I finished the girls' room,
so this week I tackled 
our bedroom and the garage-


It always amazes me how much
crap "stuff"
our family of five can accumulate
over a year or two...

I am not quite done with these rooms,
but I definitely have a good start.


Now, don't worry-
we have been having fun amongst the clutter, too!

Over Memorial Day weekend,
my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin
came and visited.

We hung out with them at my parents' house,
and took Cousin K. K. over to our house
to go swimming and spend the night one evening.

We should be hosting Cousin K. K. for a week soon,
so be on the look out for reports about the
1st (hopefully to be annual)
Cousin Camp...


I have also bee back at the bargain shopping,
with reorganizing my coupons,
(I saved over $30 at the grocery store
with my coupons!  Woot!  Woot!)
and thrift store shopping.

Is there a better way to spend Memorial Day
than by shopping at the local
Amvets Thrift Store-
especially when they have their annual
50% off sale on Memorial Day?

The Amvets in our area already has good prices,
with most of their kiddo clothes priced at $.89-
meaning the sale price was $.45...

That's garage sale prices people!

I scored SEVERAL clothes for the kiddos'
future wardrobes,
as well as about 10 shirts for Super Dad
(man, he NEEDED some new ones...),
and books/other miscellaneous items
for under $100.

(God Bless America!)  ;0)


During all my bargain shopping and re-organizing, 
WHAT have the kiddos been up to?

Finishing a Space Scrapbook...
(YAHOO, Jungle Girl!!!)


Putting on puppet shows...


Ogling Marmee's dollhouse furniture...

ENJOYING each other and our friends!


To read a photo play by play of the above
just click HERE...


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  1. I know what you mean about how the clutter gathers. When we moved, we got rid of almost everything! It was amazing how much it was. I vow to never let it get to be that much again. I am in your neighborhood now, BTW!

  2. Somehow I think the clutter magically reproduces on its own! Your collage is cute.

  3. I am in desperate need of decluttering! It seems like everywhere I look, there's a pile forming. Thanks for the motivation :)

  4. We're getting ready to move, FOR THE LAST TIME EVER, in October and I look forward to getting rid of tons during the process.

  5. You are quite the industrious one! I know what you mean about collecting junk over the years. We moved out of a four room apt. 27 years ago into a 7 room house. Some rooms actually remained empty for quite awhile. Now those rooms are overflowing, mostly with books! I enjoyed reading your lovely blog!