10 in 10: Reasons My Kiddos Like Being Homeschooled

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Today's topic:
Top Ten Reasons My Kiddos Like Being Homeschooled


this was a fun post to write!

 I was rather amused by the brief interview
of my kiddos
and their answers...


 1.  We love sleeping in...staying up later!

These two reasons go hand in hand.

I have to admit,
"sleeping in"
(wanting a change in our lifestyle)
was one of the BIG reasons
we began our homeschooling journey...

(But I will discuss more about that in
a future post-
this is about the kiddos right now...)  ;0)

We are a family of Night Owls,
NOT Early Birds,
so when we stay out late to...
  ...look at the stars and planets,
it is no big deal,
'cause we can sleep in the next morning!


 2.  We love going on Field Trips!

We are big into exploring our world!

In this picture above,
our family took a spontaneous mid-week trip
to Atlanta,
and Red Top Mountain State Park
was one of the places
  we visited while we were there.

(We LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling!)


3.  We love making crafts!

We are "hands-on" kinda learners here at
The Fantastic Five,
so being able to incorporate crafts into
our lessons just adds to the fun of our learning!


  4.  We get to stay at home.

I was rather surprised by this response,
since the kiddos are always asking to go places,
but I think what they are referring too 
is being able to learn
in a comfortable and safe environment.

What a lovely thought...


5.  We get to see Mommy everyday.

I PROMISE, I did not prompt this response!  :0)

They really like spending time with me
as their teacher,
which I will ALWAYS cherish...


6.  We love to meet other homeschooling friends!

They enjoy meeting all kinds of people,
especially other homeschooling kiddos.

In this picture above,
 Baby Girl is pictured on the far right.
She discovered that the girl beside her
is homeschooled just like she is!

Oh yes,
we have many friends in public and private school,
but it is always nice to meet others who are sharing your same
educational experience.

We used to get to go to a local homeschool co-op group
once a week,
but I was not able to let the kiddos participate this year
due to our financial need for me to babysit.

(I know the kiddos miss the co-op-
maybe I will be able to work something out 
for them this next year...)


 7.  We have no homework so we can play with our
neighborhood friends.

The kiddos are always "chompin' at the bit"
when the big yellow school bus
rolls by in the afternoon.

They are ready to play with their neighborhood pals,
and they often are ready to by then,
since they do not have homework.

(However, sometimes they have to wait for their
friends to get done with their homework...)


Picture I took of the girls reading
on the way home from a library trip.

8. We get to work at our own pace.

Both Baby Girl and Jungle Girl
mentioned this reason.

My Baby Girl had a harder time
getting reading to "click,"
and because of homeschooling,
I was able to "re-do" a year of school
without her feeling like she was "stupid."

(And re-doing a year worked!
She is reading like crazy now...)

Jungle Girl likes the fact that
when she gets done with her school,
she doesn't have to wait on others
to  move on to something else,
which she had to do in the public school.


 9.  We get to do school in our PJ's!

There are MANY days when the kiddos
do not get dressed until after school-
and that is OK by me!

It is the BEAUTY of homeschooling...


  10.  Mommy takes out pictures everyday.

I was surprised by this one too.
 Well, maybe not...

I have been making them pose for me
and "surprising" them with my camera since

I think what they like is seeing themselves
on the blog...
 ...ESPECIALLY when they have been being goofy.

 I am creating little "hams"...


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  1. This is a great list! How precious!

  2. funny how all these posts have the same few listed - no homework, own pace. Homeschool is a blessing!