Twisted Painter's Palette

One of the games we played at Jungle Girl's
"Arty Birthday Party"
was called...
...Twisted Painter's Palette.

the rules are very much like the game of
except we used 4 palettes
(aka game mats)
and no spinner
(my husband just called out the positions).


To make the mats...
...I headed to the local Dollar Tree
and purchased four shower curtain liners
and bought a pack of permanent poster markers
at Wal-Mart.
I made paint splats
(aka swirly circles)
all over the curtain using the permanent markers... a pattern similar to the Twister game mat.

To keep the mats a little more secure during the game... sweet teen helper
taped down the edges of the mats
with duct tape to the carpet.


...and so much fun!

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