Jungle Girl's "Arty Birthday Party"

This past Friday evening,
we hosted an
"Arty Birthday Party"
in our church's Fellowship Hall for...
...Jungle Girl and her friends.


A couple of weeks before the party,
I whipped up some simple invitations...
 ...which included a paintbrush
to get the kiddos into the theme of the party.


 While waiting for all the party guests to arrive,
the kiddos got creative with a little...
 ...butcher paper drawing.


After most of the guests arrived,
we headed over to the painting tables...
 ...which this lovely young lady had helped me
set up earlier.
(Wasn't she creative with the painting utensils?)  :0)

I let the kiddos paint whatever they wanted to...
...and the results were beautiful!


For some colorful snacks at the party,
I made sure the birthday buffet was stocked up on...
 ...Rainbow Goldfish Crackers,
Rainbow Chip Chips Ahoy Cookies, and
..."Rainbow Colored Arranged" chips.

The "cherry on top" for the party eats was...
...THIS rainbow cake I discovered
via Pinterest.

I should not have doubled THIS cake batter
for the Rainbow Cake layers
...the cake had some issues standing 
after it was cut.

Oh well-
it was still yummy... :0)


Before we ate,
the kiddos played a couple of games
that were centered around 
the art theme...
1.  "Twisted" Painters Palette

Haven't you ever envisioned a Twister Game Board
to be like a painter's palette?


Well, I was stretching for a game to relate to our
art/rainbow colored theme,
so the basic colors of the Twister Board
inspired this game.

(Click HERE for more details about the game...)
2.  A Modified Version of Pictionary

The kiddos drew their pictures on an
Art Easel to add more 
"artistic flair" to the game...


Jungle Girl handed out goody bags
to her friends when the night came to a close.
The bags each contained:

("Taste the Rainbow")

(more colorful candy)

Rainbow colored mini gel pens
(courtesy of the Target Dollar Spot)

Rainbow stickers


Mini Paint-swatch Notebooks
(Tutorial can be found HERE


I do believe Jungle Girl 
had a lovely time at her 
"friend" party...
A lovely party
for the loveliest 10 year old I know...


  1. Love it! What a fun simple idea for a party.

  2. How fun!

    And let me just say I'm totally impressed with your rainbow cake creation no matter which way it's standing!


  3. Happy Birthday!! Lovely party!