TOS Crew Review: TruthQuest History Guides

is a company that delivers historical information
using a Biblical point of view.

Our family was given their guide on...
...American History for Young Students III
to review.

The way these books and e-books work
is TRULY as a guide 
for families as they work through 
history with the use of...
...suggested quality children's literature and texts.


Each section of the guide...
...begins with an introduction to the events
in history at that time.

One section we went through as a family
was about the westward expansion of
the United States of America
after the Civil War.

The guide brought up the subject
about how the Native Americans
were unfairly treated by the government,
and also how many Native Americans
worshiped pagan gods.

The guide continues discussing this
sticky issue like this:

"But His purposes and judgments are surely beyond me!
All I know is that they are always for the best...
in the long run.
I don’t know what the Lord wanted to have happen
]on this land between the white man and the Indians,
and I don’t know that God was judging anybody,]
but I do know that both sides
needed the Lord and His good ways.
Any time you see people rejecting God—
whether it be a greedy white settler
or a pagan Indian who ignores all
that the heavens reveal about the Lord God
(before hearing about Jesus Christ),
let’s be willing to admit where people were wrong.
And then we can try to make things better
as God would lead us!

I APPRECIATE the way the guide handles
such issues like this...


After introducing this section of history...
...the guide gave a SUGGESTED list of books
to check into to dig into
the discussion deeper.

I chose...
...Prairie Primer
A to Z
Caroline Stutson
to begin our study.

(I already owned this book,
but I do believe a lot of the books on the list
are easily accessed at your local library.)

We loved looking...
...through this book-
the illustrations are eye-candy,
and we got a good glimpse into
Pioneer life through reading the pages.

There are other books we will be using
suggested by the guide,
but we most certainly will not be using all of them-
which is the BEAUTY of the lists.

(If you like the freedom to pick and choose your
curriculum to custom fit your family,
these guides are wonderful for that!)


we completed some
Pioneer Paper Dolls
I found in a internet search...
The guide encourages families to do as many
(or as little)
activities as they feel is appropriate.
My eldest daughter will be doing MUCH more with
Pioneer life,
since she will be doing a novel study
on the
Little House on the Prairie series soon...
...but my younger kiddos
will not be doing nearly the amount 
of projects as their sister.
One enrichment option provided through
TruthQuest for purchase
are the
A Journey Through Learning 
like the...
and the


So, if you are looking for a history program
that offers biblical guidance,
but really lets YOU be in control of the
then check out the
TruthQuest Guides,
for the following prices:

Physical copy: $29.95
Pdf: $24.95

You just might discover...
...the perfect fit for your family!


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I received this product free in exchange
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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