April 7th-13th

Any week that begins
with Egg Hunting and ends with
fun at the Farmer's Market
is just
in my book...
Last Saturday,
the kiddos and I were up to our ears in eggs.

We began the day with our annual
Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
and ended it
coloring eggs with friends
burying our sins in the tomb...


Sunday was FULL of celebrating
the Savior's Resurrection.

We began with Easter Basket goodies
and Resurrection Rolls.

Then we headed to church
for a LOVELY worship service...

(Man, our Audio Visual Team
and Worship Crew really
worked hard to honor Jesus
with that service!)

After church,
we all headed over to a friend's house
for a yummy Easter Dinner
and our annual family
Easter Egg Hunt.


After a crazy-busy,
candy-filled weekend,
(SERIOUSLY,  we do not need any more
candy in our house for the rest of the year!)
we needed Monday to recover.

No school for us-
just time for the kiddos to play with friends,
which allowed me to get the house back in order
and begin the task of changing out the
kiddo's fall/winter duds for newer
spring/summer fare.


Tuesday and Wednesday
we were back to school as usual,
but Thursday was a bit more unusual
of a schooling experience.

The kiddos got to hang out with some friends
while I took my mom and Knit Wit
to an Estate Sale.

We all found little "treasures,"
like the flowered cap
I am wearing in the above picture.

Baby Blue went with us,
and I got several "offers" for her-
though I made certain the
prospective buyers knew
she was more then they could afford... ;0)


Thursday afternoon
we headed to the seasonal opening of our
local Farmer's Market.

We {heart} the Farmer's Market!

The one we go to is at a local park,
so when the kiddos aren't shopping with me,
 they are meeting new friends on the playground.

We purchased fresh tomatoes and green leaf lettuce,
which I promptly brought home
and used for our BLT sandwich supper-


This morning,
we will be enjoying fresh strawberries
with our breakfast,
and later planting a few seedlings in our
little container garden
which we also purchased at the market.

We are LOVING Spring!!!


For a photo play-by-play
of our week,
just click HERE...


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  1. You make the BEST collages. I love the center picture so much. What a wonderful Easter week!

  2. Love the photo of you in the flowered cap! Your collages are always so simple, and I love the way you take me through them by days of your week.

    Thanks for always linking - I love reading your blog!

  3. Wonderful week! We've had enough of the candy too.

    Popping in from the WWU.

  4. That is such a fun picture in the center of your collage. It looks like you had a great week.