TOS Crew Review: Action Alert

In our family,
the Internet is becoming,
more and more,
and important part 
of our Homeschooling and entertainment.

Finding a protection service
for Internet usage is 
for our family,
but also a bit of an overwhelming
task for me.

which EASILY creates a
friendly computer environment
for the family.


Action Alert offers
8 Internet Safety Tools...

...all which aid in protecting kiddos
for the variety of dangers associated with
the Internet.


Here are some of the dangers I was concerned
about and how 
Action Alert (AA) addressed
my concerns through their program:
1.  My first concern is that my kiddos
may accidentally stumble upon
a pornographic/violent/inappropriate website
while doing a search for a research project
or other information.
AA keeps this from happening
which a few of their different features:

a.  Site Blocking:
If I discover a site I deem
as inappropriate for my kiddos,
I can easily create a block
through my personal
AA page.

b.  Content Filtering:

AA provides their own search engine,
which can be easily set up as your homepage.
It is an excellent way to filter out
a lot of the inappropriate sites.

c.  Activity Notification Alerts:

AA will send me emails of words
that were in an Internet Search
which may send off red flags.
Some of the emails AA has sent to me included
words like "butt"
(which was a misspelling by one of my kiddos).

You can also add words that might not be on their
preset list for alerts,
such dragon,
if you want to know when your kiddo
is looking at such information.

2.  My second concern when it comes 
to Internet safety
is keeping predators
from contacting my kiddos.

AA can record on-line chats,
messages, and email,
helping us parents stay on top
of who is communicating with our kiddos.

3.  My third concern about Internet usage
and my kiddos
is that they will spend too much time
on the Internet.

AA lets us parents create
"Time Allowances"
for our kiddos,
setting limits on how mush time
they can daily spend on the Internet.


Now, I will emphasize,
 as parents
are the ultimate
"monitors" for our children
when it comes to the Internet.

having a program like
Action Alert
can really be an excellent
tool to aid us in the
protection of our kiddos.


AND since AA has received...
 ...praise from other organizations,
I would recommend checking into
them if you are on the market for
some type of protection device for your
Internet needs,
be it PC, laptop, or Smart phone.


you CAN get the
Basic Version of AA for free.

If you are interested,
just click HERE
and scroll down
to the bottom of the page.

to be able to have all
the 8 protection tool,
have the program completely 
used for multi-users,
you can order the program for only

If you are interested in purchasing
the protection,
just click HERE.


The ONLY drawback
I have had with this program
is that it seems to drag down
the loading time
of all our programs
on the computer.

But what is having to be a
little more patient
compared to the safety of your kiddos?


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Disclaimer: I received this program
free for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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