The Zit That Wouldn't Heal

ya know when your mom would tell you
to stop picking at your zits-
picking will only make it worse?
There is a definite truth to this statement,
which I discovered a week or so ago...


About the Tuesday after Christmas,
I discovered the beginnings of what I think 
was a zit,
on my scalp, right behind my bang line.

It hurt, was annoying,
so I continued about my daily 
"beauty" routine and just added
some zit creme to the area.

I thought this would
eventually take care of it.

Well, it didn't.

The zit got scratched
(probably when I washed my hair)
and continued to get worse.

So bad, in fact, that by Thursday evening
my neck was sore,
and by Friday morning my neck lymph glands
were knotty.

I started running a low-grade temperature,
and just felt lousy.

By Saturday,
my husband took my to the clinic at Walgreens,
where, after sitting for 4 hours,
I was diagnosed with a Staph Infection 
caused by the ZIT.

Stinkin' ZIT!


After the Physician's Assistant
cleaned out my wound,
I went home with a good dose
of antibiotics...
...and a few other supplies
to keep the are cleaned,
3x's a day.

Here's a picture of what it looked like... Monday.

Gross, huh?

I am about healed now,
with just a scab on my head.

And, what have I learned form this experience?
The next time I ever have a zit in my hair,
I am going to just shave off all hair
until it goes away...  ;0)

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  1. Oh! I've never heard of such a thing. I'm glad you got it taken care of before it got worse!