December 31st-January 6th

I take A LOTTA pictures throughout the week,
but I do not always do something with them...

Well, that's gonna change...

For the past three years, I have watched 
post about her life, weekly, in pictures.

I find that uber-cool.

So, I am gonna play along with her
weekly Flickr group.


Week 1
(December 31st-January 6th)

This "almost" first full week of January began 
with my birthday,
(yup, I'm a New Year's baby)
and I spent it recovering from a bit
of a Staph Infection.

(You can read more about that "fun" experience
by clicking HERE.)

When I finally started feeling better,
(thank you antibiotics!)
I began to
pack up all the Christmas decor
and put up some snowmen.

I was extra inspired to pull out the snowmen
since we actually had a dusting of SNOW
here in East Tennessee on Tuesday evening.

We also went to my parents' house and had
our FINAL Christmas celebration...

(My mother was in the hospital over Christmas-
you can read all about that by clicking HERE)

...AND had a bit of birthday cake,
in honor of my 35th birthday,
and our family friend's 45th birthday.

Fun week-
busy week-
and I am now ready to get back into a 
routine next week...

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play...


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  1. What a terrific idea! I have folders and folders of pictures that need to be organized because I took them...uploaded them...and then... Well. Nothing!


    This idea is perfect for all those odds n' ends pics! <3


  2. Hii friend! Along with not posting on my own blog, I haven't read any other blogs. So I just spent some time catching up. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope you are feeling better. It's always something, isn't it? Praying for you all to have wonderful 2012!