January 7th-13th

Sometimes I wonder WHY I try to plan anything.

This past week one was one of THOSE weeks...
It began pretty normally,
with a wise use of weekend time,
which included finishing putting up the Christmas decor
and getting our workboxes set up for Monday's Homeschool.

We even had a guy come and power wash
the outside of our house-

I was ripped and raring to go!

Then, about 3am on Monday,
I woke up with the chills.

And the aches.

I could NOT get comfortable.

I did not go back to sleep.

We cancelled all the kiddos I watch on Monday,
(which is three, besides my own)
and my sweet husband stayed home from work
to watch our kiddos.

I went to see my
friendly neighborhood Physician's assistant
only to discover I had a virus.

Rest, he says.

And it will probably get worse before it gets better.

He was right,
because the NEXT day I woke up
with a horrendous red rash all over my body.

Head-to-knee cap.

I looked like Bob the Tomato.

Guess what?

Not only did I have a virus,
but I was also having an allergic reaction to the
antibiotic I was finishing from
"The Zit that Wouldn't Heal."


I am about back to normal now,
so it's all good,
but no school was accomplished this week.

At least the workboxes are still ready to go
for THIS Monday... ;0)

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  1. Ugh, I've had an allergic reaction to medicine before and it was no fun. I especially appreciated the doctor's assistant trying to tell me I was imagining it. That was especially fun.

  2. I LOVE your Wonder Woman's! I had Supergirl underroos as a kid and thought I was a super hero too. :O)