TOS Crew Review: Vintage Remedies

As this new year is coming to a close,
I tend to get in a reflective mood,
and look towards setting goals
for the new year,
so when we received...
Jessie Hawkins,
I was reminded how badly we need to 
tweak our eating habits 
in this household.

We can be rather a mess sometimes
 when it comes to our diet.

We love our sweets,
and baked goodies,
and McDonald's bags have been seen
littering the inside of our van.

That being said,
we also enjoy eating fruits and veggies,
so this book is giving us all a new
wind to change our lifestyle....



how is this book set up?

It is not a picture book,
but rather a "textbookish" guide to use
as a catalyst for discussion with your kiddos.
When the kiddos and I went through...
 ...Chapter Two: Natural Candy-Fruit,
I read aloud a section provided which helped explain 
such concepts as
"nutrients" and "fiber."

 ...we discussed questions provided at the end of the text.

Both the reading and the the questions
brought times tot he kiddos' minds in which
we have used fruit in different aspects
of our daily lives and homeschooling.

This discussion included references to: pick apples for making apple butter.
 at home. make loads of homemade freezer jam.


The end of each chapter has different activities suggested
to reinforce the concepts learned in the chapter... making "Fruit Ice Cream."
(We haven't tried this recipe yet,
but I think when the weather warms again
we will be getting some berries together 
for this treat!)


like I said before,
we are trying to ease more into
a healthy lifestyle,
so this book is a perfect tool for us.

I know that many of you granola Mommies 
out there will have no need for a book like this,
because you are already teaching your kiddos 
all this wonderful information daily.

But for those of you who need help
moving yourself and your kiddos
towards a healthier lifestyle,
please check out this book,
as well as many other useful products,
by clicking HERE

This book is only
whcih seems pretty reasonable to me,
especially if it enables a family
to be healthier.

not to be flip,
but who can really put a price on
good health?  ;0)


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Disclaimer:  I received this product free in exchange
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up our cookies :), but the book looks interesting.