Gratitude Challenge 2011 Day 7: Homeschooling Happiness

We almost lost the opportunity to homeschool
our kiddos this past Spring
when my husband lost his job.

I was actively pursuing getting a job in the
local school system and
seeing what childcare arrangements we would
need to make for all the kiddos 
while I was at work.

I was very sad,
but doing what I needed to
support my husband and our family.

All the while I was praying-
and having others pray-
that God would find a way
for us to continue homeschooling.


My husband found a job,
(which should be "officially permanent"
any week now)
and he led a couple of families my way
whose children I am able to watch,
which will supplement our income.

So, I am able to continue the honor
of guiding my own kiddos through
experiences like our
Apple Tasting Day...

We had Apple Tasting Day as a part of the
Pre-K/K Fall Unit
I was doing with my younger kiddos
in October.
We held the apple tasting at lunch time...
 ...kicking it off with a cute little apples themed lunch.

Then... was time to taste the apples!

(As soon as I began pulling the apples out of the fridge,
Smiley B exclaimed,
"I want apple!  I want apple!"

He continued to gleefully asked for apples
the entire time I was preparing them...)
I gave each kiddo a plate with one slice of 
each apple on it,
and the tasting began!
(Yes, Smiley B, HERE are your apples...)


(This was Smiley B's face after biting into the 
tart Granny Smith-
he did eat it all, however...)  ;0)

The kiddos ate all the apples,
but they definitely had their favorites...
Jungle Girl=Granny Smith
Baby Girl=Fuji
(That's MY favorite too!)

Little Wild Man=Granny Smith

Smiley B=Red Delicious


today I am
for the opportunity to homeschool my kiddos.

...I would miss out on fun moments like this!


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  1. Oh, you have to try the Honey Crisp. They are so delicious! I cannot imagine fall without my honey crisp apples....

    Your pictures are adorable. I stopped by from the gratitude challenge -- I love reading the other posts! I also followed you on GFC.

    Amy B

  2. I'm so glad things are working out well. While I don't home school, I would so miss the opportunity to stay home with my little ones. The apple tasting looks like fun!