Christmas Coutdown Day 18 (Flower Angel Tutorial)

we chose to do our advent activities from
a little differently than suggested,
so I writing a post about Day 18 before Day 17.

Please bare with me... :0)


Day 18: Angels

Angels are all so busy throughout the
Christmas story,
from delivering messages to
singing the Baby Savior's praises...

This past Sunday,
we chose to focus on the angels
a group of Shepherds,
who were watching their flocks by night...


After telling this story to my kiddos,
as well as my K-1 Sunday School class,
we made...
...Flower Angel Ornaments
as a reminder of those glorious messengers.
Here are a bunch of angel bodies,
ready to be finished.

(I pre-made all the ornament bodies
since I would be working with a group 
young kiddos-
this made the process go
MUCH quicker...)

Here's how I put the bodies together:
Pull apart whatever kind fake flower
you would like to use for your angel.

I used white poinsettias which I bought
from The Dollar Tree.
Discard the inner parts
and desice how your want your flower petals
to be rearranged.

I like my smaller petals on top of the larger ones.
Using craft glue,
begin gluing the petals onto a round wooden bead,
that has a flat bottom.
Glue the under lay of the petals on to the smaller layer...
...and let the body dry.


At this point,
I then took the dried, pre-assembled bodies
into my K-1 Sunday School class,
ready to be finished.

The first thing I had the kiddos do
was use permanent markers to created faces,
and even decorate the bodies,
of the angel ornaments.
Here is one little sweet cherub face...


After the faces are complete,
continue piecing the angel together...
Next, using two petals from another fake flower...
 ...glue them onto the back of the angel's head...
...to create the angel wings.
 Glue on a yarn hanger...
 ...to the back of the angel's head.

To complete the angel...
...take a little pipe cleaner halo...
 ...and glue it to the top of the angel's head.

Once it dries...
...your angel is ready to declare the good news
on your Christmas tree!


Oh, before I close this post,
I had to show off a couple of the angels
my K-1st graders decorated...

They remind me of those
little shoulder angels
cartoon characters see when they are 
having a moral dilemma.

Please meet...
"Good" Angel
Bad Angel

(Hee! Hee!)

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  1. Happy Anniversary back atchya! I'm totally with you...December weddings are the MOST romantic!