Christmas Countdown Days 17 and 19

Days 17 and 19
these days are probably going to be our 
last days to complete the crafts from the
activity book,
but we will be continuing
the scripture readings and discussions...

(Our Christmas Crazy Schedule
will not allow the time for more crafty fun!)  ;0)

onto our last advent crafts 
for this Christmas Season...


When the kiddos found our elf, Chester,
hanging out... a book about the shepherds
visiting Baby Jesus,
it took 'em two seconds to figure out
what part of the Christmas Story 
we would be discussing that day.

After reading Luke 2:8-20,
we got busy making
sheep, angels, and shepherds...

(Read about our angel craft by clicking HERE.)

For our sheep,
we put a spin on the "classic"
Cotton Ball Sheep Handprint Ornament
by using...
...packing peanuts instead of cotton.

We used packing peanuts that were made
out of starch (I think) instead of
which meant we could just...
 ...lick 'em...
...and stick 'em!
Much fun was had by all,
 ...Lucy Doll,
Jungle Girl's 1st sewing machine project.

 Lucy INSISTED on trying to make a sheep...
 ...all by herself,
but she soon discovered...
...that dolls don't have the ability to
lick and stick!  ;0)
 Here is our flock, ready to be tended to... our paper shepherds.


We have SO ENJOYED the
advent activity book!

If y'all need something
to help focus your kiddos on
the reason for the season
next year,
please check into it!

You won't regret it...


  1. Lick 'em Stick 'em peanuts! Who knew? :) We've enjoyed Truth in the Tinsel too, but I skipped all the crafts. Ha! Ironic, I know.

  2. These are great pictures! Happy New Year. :)