TOS Crew Review: Bower Books- "The Person I Marry"

The kiddos and I could not have received...
...The Person I Marry
at a better time...


You see, we are actually headed to
a wedding this weekend
(which I am a bridesmaid in)
to see...
...this lovely couple get "hitched!"

We are all a buzz over the
upcoming ceremony,
but I definately wanted to make this
a learning opportunity
for my kiddos.

So reading this e-book
and discussing
the difference between
a wedding and a marriage
has been a wonderful learning experience
for us all.

The QUALITY of the both
the illustrations and poetry
keep kiddos engaged
and make it the kind of book
that kiddos want to have read to them
again and again.

Click HERE to see a video
of some of the book...


Written and illustrated
Gary and Jan Bower,
a married couple,
I am now very interested in
gathering up some more of their
high-quality books...

Click HERE to see all of the books
they have to offer...


At only $11.99 for a hardback copy,
I believe their books are worth
the "eternal" investment,
so to speak... ;0)


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are saying about this book,
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Disclaimer: I received a free 
digital copy of this book in exchange
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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