TOS Crew Review: Griddley Games' Nature Nuts

The kiddos and I have REALLY
been quite the gamers as of late,
due to some great products we have
been sent to review, 
Griddly Games'
The very title of the game inspired us to...
...take it INTO nature to play it
one fine, fall-like afternoon....


Nature Nuts
IS a game in itself,
but it can also be used as a supplement for the...

There are a couple of other game/supplements, too,
centering around Sports and Travel.

If the Wise Alec game is ANYTHING like
the supplement we received,
I do believe we would strongly consider 
purchasing it in the future.

At the price of $14.99
(and perhaps a bit lower or higher,
the game from)
I think this supplement is well worth the price.
I hope the rest of this review can explain why...

First of all,
all this game needs is
the travel-sized, magnetic box
containing the trivia cards and die,
...a writing utensil and some scrap paper
to keep score on.

The SIMPLE to follow rules for the
game can be found by clicking 
so I won't go into great detail
on how to play the game.

But here are a few of the basics:
There are four sets of trivia cards,
and rolling the die determines what trivia question
you will need to answer.

A person can choose to answer a
3 point question or a 7 point question.

Whomever has the most points
after a predetermined amount of time
is the winner.
Being that the questions for the game are geared
for ages 8 and up,
my younger kiddos...
...were definitely challenged-
at first...

I mean...
 So, to even up the odds a bit,
(which made it equally fun for everyone)
I began giving the younger kiddos
multiple choice answers
for their harder questions.

Other than that adaption,
(which would not be necessary for older kiddos)
we were easily able to jump right into the game.

(The IRONY of the above statement 
is that the kiddos really did
JUMP during the game-
you'll see...)


The kiddos in particularly fell in love with the
purple "Wise Alec" questions,
because they would occasionally have to complete...
...some crazy fun action cards!

Here is Little Wild Man' best... impersonation.

Oh, and remember the "jumping" I alluded to earlier?

Check out...
...this challenge card.
What trivia game do YOU know of
in which you can have some
jumpity-jump fun?

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Disclaimer: I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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