Bible Alive! Tuesday: Obedience Chore Cards

 Today during lunchtime family devotions,
I felt it was wise to 
"kick off" our school year with a few scriptures
involving obedience.

I read the story of Rekab's Family found in

During the story,
Jeremiah tries to get the Rekabites to drink wine,
but because of a command from their father,
they would not drink wine.

Jeremiah then honored them with a decree
from the Lord, saying that there would always be 
descendents of the Rekabites who would
follow the one true God.


We then discussed ways that we can be obedient
to our parents,
and perhaps the #1 way my kiddos mentioned
was to do their chores.

In order to make chores a bit clearer,
(and perhaps a little bit more fun),
I put together...
 ...some Chore Cards for the kiddos.
These cards will be kept in their 
 ...and will always be the first activity
that they will need to complete 
 If you would like to see them
in more detail,
feel free to click HERE.

It is my HOPE and PRAYER that with these cards...
...will promote a positive attitude towards
obeying parents...


How have you made the Bible come Alive! 
for your kiddos this week?

Please link up your ideas below...


  1. I'm not sure Little Wild Man looks positive about the cards in the pictures above - but it's worth a try!

  2. What a cool story from Jeremiah. I didn't know that one before.

  3. I love the idea of pictorial chore cards- it would work great for my 2.5 year old! I just found out about Bible Alive! Tuesday it's my first time linking up. :)

  4. We are working on something like this too except it's more like a check off box list of things they have to complete.

    Are your chore cards different for each of your kids?

  5. How funny - I googled chore cards earlier for ideas. I love the idea.