TOS Review: Go Trybe

Go Trybe
is a website that provides
a daily dose of physical education
through the content areas of
fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation.

This site is used in classrooms
and by homeschoolers alike
because it provides such a comprehensive
fitness curriculum.

When you sign up your kiddo
for this experience,
you do so by grade level.

My kiddos fell into the
Zodoos category
(Kindergarten -5th grade),
but we could feasibly use this site
through High School.


Now, a component of this website is the
avatar section.

When you sign your kiddo up as a user...
...she can create her own avatar.

Now, I understand this component completely.

It encourages kiddos to complete activities in the
fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation sections
so they can earn points to do more fun "stuff"
with their avatars.

Also, it allows your kiddo to connect,
with other kiddos around the country.


I need to admit this-
my family did not use the avatar component
of the program.

I just didn't feel like this was an age appropriate
activity for my kiddos

That doesn't mean that I wouldn't let the kiddos
use this component when they got older.


Did our family get any use out of this site
without the use of the avatar component?

Why yes,
yes we did!

For one thing...
...the variety of Fitness workout videos provided
makes this site almost worth the price!

You choose different video segments to create
personalized workouts for your kiddos,
which include warm-up, cardio,
strength, and flexibility exercises.
The instructors that lead the segments are
fun and entertaining...
...and even educational!

(In the above segment, the instructor
talked a little bit about Latin America,
since the warm-up moves involved Latin dancing.)


Besides Fitness,
the site offers fun video segments
which educate the kiddos about the areas of
nutrition, wellness, and motivation.
At the end of each segment is a quiz...
...which can lead to more points rewarded for
avatar fun.

(Again, we didn't use the Avatars,
but I can totally see how this could benefit
other families...)


You can try out GoTrybe for free by using the promotional code
GETFIT when you sign up.

If you decide to continue using GoTrybe
after the free trial period,
the cost of a one year membership is
$19.95 (regularly $39.95).

Click HERE for more details...


Have fun exploring the world...
...of GoTrybe!


Disclaimer: I received this product free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. Looks cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and for the warm Welcome Back!! lol