TOS Crew Review: Apologia-Read for the Heart

Well, this is my last
TOS Crew review for
I must say,
I could not be happier than ending
the year with such a
WONDERFUL resource
to review...


Read for the Heart
by Sarah Clarkson
reminds me a lot of the book
I had for my
Children's Lit Class in college.

It is a book
full of excellent recommendations
of what your child should be reading
to broaden his/her horizons...


Take Chapter 8,
which is all about Fairy Tales and Fantasy.

Clarkson begins the chapter by discussing
the benefits of well-written fantasy,
and how these books even strengthen her
faith in God.

Now, she also uses a word of caution
that this genre should be chosen wisely,
based upon each family's situation.

She then list some of the GREATS
in Fantasy Literature:

Loyd Alexander
Hans Christian Anderson
John Bunyan
Andrew Lang
Madeline L'engle
C.S. Lewis
Lois Lowry
P.J. Lynch
George MacDonald
David and Karen Mains
Alan and Linda Parry
(my personal fav)
J.R.R. Tolkien

With each author listed.
Clarkson then gives a synapses
of the children's books he/she has written.



What a resource!

To see all the genres Clarkson covers,
just click HERE.

To view one of the chapters for yourself,
just click HERE.


For only $17.00,
this is truly a wonderful resource
for the Homeschool Classroom.

I know it is gonna be well used
by me this summer as I plan for next year...


Disclaimer: I received this product free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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