Container Garden for the Less-Than-Green Thumbed- Two Month Update

so our container garden
has hit the skids...


Remember our...
...lush grass boxes for the kiddos to play with?

They developed some disgusting mold
and had to be thrown out.So, so sad.

And how about...
...our little seedlings?

They were sprouting so nicely,
so I decided to move them into bigger containers.


Here they are... their nice new home.

What's that, you say?

You don't see any sweet little seedlings?

That's because SOME CRITTER...
...nibbled away all their little leaves!

Well, in one of the pots...
...four little Basil Plants have hung on for dear life.



I told y'all I do not have a green thumb...
Guess we are headed off to the
Farmer's Market
in hope of finding some bigger tomato plants
to take residence in our pots...


To check out much nicer,
and more successful gardens,
head on over to
The Homeschool Village Garden Challenge...


  1. I cannot keep plants alive for the life of me. I always feel terrible when my children bring little seedlings home from school and as hard as I try, they never succeed. Sigh.

  2. Hey, the basil plants are still alive - Your thumb must be at least light green! I hope you find some tomato plants!

  3. I had a few of my seedlings get there leaves eaten as well. I put some little clear dixi cups over the ones that lived and it helped.