The Storms of Life...

Last Wednesday our country experienced
some of the worst storms it has
ever experienced in its history...

Hail storms- like I have NEVER seen-
ripped through my hometown
of Knoxville, TN,
leaving much destruction.

The family and I took a drive on Thursday evening
through one of the hardest hit areas of our town,
and we saw much damage...
Parking lots were full of battered windshields...
...and dinged up cars.
The leaves from trees were littered
all over the roads and parking lots,
making Spring look like a very green Fall...
Power lines, lamps and signs...
...were in need of great repair.
An old stained glass window
at the back of our church building...
...looked as if someone had beaten the panes
with a baseball bat.

Oh, and there were near misses... this huge tree which had toppled over...
...thankfully only damaging its owner's yard,
and not his home.


As my husband, kiddos, and I surveyed all the damage,
we could not help be be grateful.

See, not only did physical storms tear through our town,
but an emotional storm is tearing at our own family right now...


When my husband arrived home,
the evening of all the storms,
he informed me that he was "let go" from his job.

There had been no big warning signs from his boss-
in fact, quite the opposite.

He has always received pretty positive reviews
and bonuses throughout the 4 years he worked
at this company.

(Side Note: He is an accountant,
and I have a teaching degree.
Let's just say that the "timing" of his job loss
is not the best for either of us
to find a job.)


After we cried together,
and informed the kiddos about what
was going on......we all prayed.

And peace has seem to wash over us.

Sure we are nervous and a bit anxious about what
the future holds for us,
but we KNOW that God is with us,
every step of this unexpected journey.

Many questions remain to be answered,
but we KNOW that God will provide all of our needs...


Yes, the day after the storms let us evaluate the damage
that had been done,
but it also brought one of the
most BEAUTIFUL days
East Tennessee has ever seen...
(Do you see the content-looking face in the clouds?)

This scene in the sky from Thursday after the storms
brings me comfort...

And so do these words from Matthew 6:34:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own."



  1. I do see the face in the clouds - and I'm glad you could still see it too. I hope the emotional storm clouds pass as quickly for you, as the physical storm - we'll add your job situation to our prayer list!

  2. I hope he can find a job soon. It is really hard when you don't even know you are going to lose your job. Teaching jobs here in South Carolina are really tough to get. I am glad I can wait a couple of years to start pounding the pavement.

  3. Oh wow, that is a lot to have happen all in a few days. I"m so sorry for the job loss, and like Leah said I'll be praying for ya'll.

    Maybe you'll get a job in Texas, and you could move by me! Okay, that's silly, but an amusing scenario in my head.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your family.