Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Today was a beautiful morning......for our 2nd Annual
Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt...

Here's part of the crowd,
rip roarin' and ready to go...
Here is the Pre-K section of the course-
ESSENTIAL for the safety
of the hunt...

We wouldn't want our babies to get trampled
by all the more experienced Egg Hunting crowd...

All the kiddos cleared the course
in less than 5 minutes...

...and made quite a haul in the process!


Chocolate Bunny prizes were also
handed out for...
...the Pre-K Golden Egg finder...
...the Elementary Golden Egg Finder...

(Yup, that's Baby Girl-
And before you ask,
I did help hide the eggs,
but I PROMISE I gave her no hints!)
...the Pre-K division for
"The Most Eggs Collected"...
...and the Elementary division for
"The Most Eggs Collected."


After the prizes were awarded,
the parents led the kiddos in a......"Hoppin' Hankie Bunny" Craft,
which you can read more about by clicking HERE.


I would say,
fun was had by all,
both the big...
...and the small!

(Isn't he ADORABLE? I just adore
his chubby little fingers...)


  1. Awesome!! Would so love to do something like that!! You've got to give me pointers, girl! Unless you wanna see us drive up to your neighborhood! HA!

  2. Awwwww...makes me wish we had more kids in our 'hood. Looks like SO much fun!