St. Patty's Day Palooza!

A couple of weeks ago,
I led my stART Enrichment group
through some St. Patty's Day "Preview" fun,
so posting this ON St. Patrick's Day seemed appropriate...


I began the class by reading...
...this book...
...and this book.

Since the books featured some funny little men in green,
we discussed how legend says leprechaun's hide
their treasure at the end of a rainbow.

Naturally, we then had to make
"Rainbow Sculptures."
I gave each kiddo a floral form...
...which they put rainbow colored pipe cleaners into.
Then they added as many rainbow-colored they wanted to the pipe cleaners.Then they completed the sculpture
by poking the pipe cleaners back into
the floral forms... form rainbows.


Once the rainbows were done,
I brought...
...Lime Green Jello Playdough......for the play with.

(You can find the recipe I used
for this Playdough over at
Hubbard's Cupboard.
I used the September recipe,
substituting Lime Green Jello
for the Green Apple.
ALL her Playdough recipes ROCK!)


I hope you find your St. Patty's day...
...leaving a smile upon your face!

Next week's theme: Crazy Cars!


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  1. Fun craft! Great for hand eye coordination! We're playing with Play-dough today, too!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Love the rainbows and the playdough!! Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

    (thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty - love all the different ideas you guys have!!)

  3. I so need to make play dough sometime, why haven't I?

  4. I keep meaning to make some more play dough. We'll have to try the other activity, too--we've done something similar, but it was a while ago.

  5. I love your rainbows! You come up with such great things to do!