Bible Alive! Tuesday: Jesus Rejected

A couple of Sundays ago,
the K/1st grade Sunday School lesson
centered around
Jesus' rejection in Nazareth.
(Luke 4:14-30)

Perfect time to play with magnets,
right? ;0)
First, I showed the kiddos how magnets can repel
each other,
just like the townspeople pushed Jesus away
in his hometown of Nazareth.
Then, I demonstrated how,
when turned the other direction,
magnets are attracted to each other.
This type of attraction...
...is how Jesus...
...wants our own hearts...
...to be towards him.


As a reminder of the lesson......the kiddos decorated simple magnets......to take home.


How have YOU made the Bible come ALIVE
to your kiddos this week?

Please link up your ideas below!


  1. Terrific lesson! Right now I'm working with C's question of "Why is God killing everyone?" after the lastest news out of Japan - so I don't know if I'll manage to link-up this week or not - but I do think this lesson is great.

  2. You come up with the best hands on stuff!

  3. This is a wonderful object lesson! Just wonderful!

  4. This is a great hands on lesson that will be perfect at Easter! Thanks for the idea! My uber visual kiddos will appreciate it.