Bible Alive! Tuesday: Turning Lemons into Lemonade (or a Look at the Beattitudes)

In Sunday School this past week,
the kiddos and I discussed
"The Beatitudes."
(Matthew 5:1-12)

I really enjoyed how
Group's FaithWeaver Curriculum
(which we use regularly)
suggested I teach the scripture
to the kiddos...


...each of the kiddos...

...a slice...
...of lemon.


Now, isn't a lemon slice
SUPPOSED to make a person
pucker and grimace?

Didn't affect my kiddos that way...

In fact, one of the boys ate
the entire slice by the end of the lesson!


the POINT of tasting the lemon
WAS to make a puckery, sour face...
...like these...

(My kiddos are so dramatic-
I just love it!)

After tasting the sour lemon...
...I let them sip some SWEET lemonade.

The results of this taste test?
Happy faces all around...


Now, as I discussed the Beatitudes with the kiddos,
I would talk about situations in life
that made them feel sour,
and they would taste the lemon slice again.

Then I would talk about how God wants us
to remember that our actions can please him
even when the situation is sour.

He wants us to take lemons
and make them into lemonade,
so to speak.

When we try our hardest to live as God instructs,
there will be a sweet reward for us
ultimately in heaven.

Every time I reminded the kiddos of this reward,
they would take a sip of their lemonade.


After the lemonade was gone,
the kiddos got to make a......"Lemonade Kit"......to remind them that their "sweet" actions......can please God......even when the situation is "sour."


Each of the kits included...
...a scoop of lemonade mix and an instruction card,
which the kiddos decorated.
I created the cards which you can download by clicking


So, how have you been teaching you kiddos
about the Bible this week?

Please link up your ideas below...


  1. Very cute. I love this idea. I'll have to remember when we get to the Beattitudes.

  2. What a neat lesson - the looks on their faces are so funny!! I remember loving the taste of lemon when I was a kid... now it seems sooo sour to me. blecch!