TOS Review: Times Alive Software from City Creek Press

I am a believer that when one of my kiddos
has to memorize something,
he/she should practice the information
in all kinds of ways.

It can makes a mundane (but important) task,
like memorizing the times table,

So when City Creek Press sent our family...
...the Time Alive download to review,
I could not have BEEN more thrilled!

Jungle Girl is focusing this year on multiplication
and learning her times tables,
and this program is greatly helping her
meet this academic goal...


The program uses silly stories and songs
to help kiddos memorize their multiplication facts,
from 0 to 9.

I wanted to take you briefly through a lesson
so you can see why this is such a fun program...

The multiplication fact featured in this lesson is
about the number one.
First, the program uses colorful illustrations
to explain why multiplying with the number one
works in the manner that it does...
It compares multiplying a number by one to
having the number look in a mirror shaped
like the number one.

So, when 6 looks at one,
he sees himself,
making 6 x 1 = 6.

Nifty, huh?
At the end of the lesson,
a few practice problems are given
to see if the concept has "sunk in."

After Ever few lessons, there are also review sections
to keep the facts fresh in the kiddo's mind.


The cost of the download is $44.95,
which is pretty good,
considering how the program makes
learning the times tables FUN...

In fact,
when I asked Jungle Girl how she
is liking the program so far...
...she responded with very positive reviews.

She likes the silly stories and songs...
In fact, I heard her giggling out loud when she was
listening to the lesson
"Zero is King."

I asked her why she was giggling,
and she said that they had been talking about how
0 x 5 = 0,
0 x 16 = 0,
o x 8 = 0,
and then
the program threw in the fact
0 x 936 = 0.

She said to me,
"Isn't it funny how they,
all of a sudden,
used such a big number, Mom?"

Hey, ANY program that can make a kiddo
LAUGH while working on their times tables
is HERO in my book!


To check out all that City Creek has to offer,
just click HERE...


Disclaimer: I was given this product free for my
open and honest review. I was not compensated in
any other way.

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