TOS Review: Master Clock

As i continue on my journey with the
TOS Review Crew this year,
I am just more and more amazes by all the wonderful
teaching resources that are out in the world.

When I received the Master Clock resource set from...
...Master Innovations, LLC,
I literally did a little jig.

Master Innovations takes the concepts of measurement
(such as rulers, clocks, fractions, and angles)
and makes them concretely understandable for kiddos.

The resources I received included...
...the Marvels of Measure Poster,
a student version of the Master Clock.
and the Master Clock Workbook.

Now, these resources are geared for students in grades K-5,
but since Baby Girl is beginning time exploration
in her math lessons,
I focused using the resources with her.
(She is on a 1st grade level.)


First, we looked at the poster and discussed
what makes up a gallon, inch, pound, etc.

The poster does a beautiful job on
illustrating these concepts
and how they interconnect with each other.

It also included visual examples kiddos can relate to...
Here Baby Girl is seeing how the size of a flea
relates to an inch.


As we began exploring the workbook,
i noticed it began with some hands-on experiments,
so I HAD to let the other kiddos join in
on the fun...

We chose to build...
...a Water Clock.

First, we filled a large pot with water.
Next, I took an old margarine tub...
...and poked a small hole in the bottom.
We then put the tub in the pot and waited to see how long
it took for the tub to fill with water.
We used our timer for this part,
and had to keep adding minutes
until it filled up after about 12 minutes.
(My kiddos handled the waiting part quite well,
don't ya think?)


After the experiment, Baby Girl and I got to "work" on
playing with the...
...Master Clock.

The website has a very useful video explaining
how the clock operates,
which I HIGHLY recommend watching.
(Click HERE to view it.)
This clock is analog and digital,
helping children to relate the two concepts.

The clock is geared and has removable hands,
letting a student focus on just minutes or hours,
or how they interconnect.

We have much more to do with the workbook,
and when Jungle Girl gets to time in her math lesson,
I am certain I will be using the Master Clock resources
to work with her also,
since the book contains many, many well planned lessons.


Pricing for theses products is as follows:

Marvels of Measure Poster: $10.00
Master Clock (student version): $14.95
Master Clock Workbook: $15.95


Please check out Master Innovations and all that is
has to offer by clicking HERE...

Hurry- before time....
...runs out!

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