stART: The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett

Earlier this week, I read...
...The Wild Christmas Reindeer
by Jan Brett.

I just adore Jan Brett's story about an
elf who has to get Santa's reindeer
ready for the trip on Christmas Eve.

To carry on the reindeer fun,
I helped the kiddos make
Reindeer Puzzle Piece Pins....
They are rather simple, really.
I gave the kiddos three previously spray-painted
puzzle pieces,
which they glues together with tacky glue
to make the face and antlers.
Then they added some googly eyes
and a little red pom-pom nose....
Once they dried, I added on pin backs,
and the little reindeer were ready
to don any Christmas sweater!


A Little Side-Note:
Use hot glue instead of craft glue

if you're kiddos can use a glue gun.
I found myself gluing on reindeer parts throughout
the day the kiddos wore the pins....
Of course, your kiddos may not be as rough on their
accessories as mine are-
if that's the case, craft glue should be fine...


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head on over to stART...


  1. Cute! Judging by their smiles, I think they like them.

  2. My kids are not rough on their stuff at all......... Or that could be a complete lie.

  3. Nice! Very Creative.I am going have to get a copy of this book. Thank you for sharing

  4. The puzzle does make for some great antlers! Very cute. We haven't read that Jan Brett book yet but will put it on our list!

  5. You are so creative with your crafts. I wish I could come up with half your ideas.

  6. How cute! I love Jan Brett too. Her illustration have such wonderful details.

  7. These are adorable and the perfect activity to go along this this book! Thank you so much for sharing and linking to stART :0)

  8. I'm always looking for ways to use extra puzzle pieces. It never fails that we lose one or two pieces from each puzzle.