Break out the Tree...

OK, it is December 5th,
and i am already behind on my Advent posts...

No surprise here.

Life is going to get crazy
(well, it already has)
over the next few weeks,
but I really do want to keep up with my posts
in some manner,
so do not be surprised as I combine days at a time...

So, onward- Ho! Ho! Ho!


For days two, three, and four of Advent,
our family focused on getting the house
cleaned and decorated for whatever company
comes our way.

We ESPECIALLY focused on the
Christmas Tree-
it just makes the house so festive...

The evening Super Dad pulled out the tree,
he first read...
...The Christmas Tree Book... the kiddos.


I then gave them each a new, simple ornament... later put on the tree.


The next day, the kiddos and I
finished decorating the tree...
We began the process with the Nativity ornament
from my childhood.

It was always the first ornament we placed on the tree,
and I am SO happy to carry on this tradition with my kiddos.
Little Wild Man was ESPECIALLY into decorating
the tree this year-
He couldn't put them on their fast enough!

Baby Girl is holding a salt dough ornament
my Mother made, YEARS ago...
It only took us three days,
but the house is ready to go for Christmas now...

I just hope we can keep it in half way decent shape
for the next month!


For more journeys down memory lane,
head on over to
Holiday Bliss 2010...


  1. What wonderful traditions! I love the salt dough ornaments your mother made -- it's amazing!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I really love the ones of Daddy reading to the children, and your special ornaments. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Valerie's right, that is a beautiful ornament! I love the picture of your husband reading to the kids - that's one to keep!