Muffin Tin Monday: Decorate-the-Tree Breakfast

This past week,
we got around to decorating our Christmas Tree,
so for breakfast one morning...
...the tree was the star of the show!

The kiddos' muffin tins contained...
...three different sized pieces of tree shaped toast,
complete with butter and green sprinkles...
...Peanuts, Holly-Shaped Sprinkles...
...and Cereal bits to use to
"decorate" the tree toast with...
...and some apple kabobs on holly-decorated toothpicks.

The kiddos had fun...
...decorating the toast...
...and eating it!



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  1. Your trees are adorable! I love the idea of being able to decorate them. Happy Monday!

  2. Looks like your kiddos found this tin to be nom, nom, nom!!! We did a Christmas book theme, hop over to my blog to enter a Christmas Giveaway of MTM foods!!!

  3. Awesome Trees - I am going to try that with cream cheese tomorrow morning! Following from MTM and loving it! Hope you'll return the favor but I don't have any Muffin Tins yet...

  4. Awe such a delish tin and looks like the kiddos had a blast! Happy MTM :)

  5. Tree toast is such a great idea! It looks like they loved decorating them.

  6. So fun! Look at those smiles!