Neighborhood Social Begats Candy Cane Fudge...

Last night,
we had a Christmas Social for our neighborhood.
We used the event to bring in
Toys for Tots.

Sadly, not too many people showed up-

But, we had a nice time anyways...
...TRYING to paint ornaments.

I brought kits I got on sale
last year for the all the neighborhood kiddos
to work on,
...the paint had turned into putty!
Made for some fun "experimenting"...
...and the two and under crowd enjoyed
"painting" with the water!

After the social,
we went home and watched the
Charlie Brown Christmas Special on TV...

Good memories...


Today, since we had leftovers from the
Neighborhood Social...
...Almost Unschoolers inspired us to make
Candy Cane Fudge!

(Her tutorial is a must read,
since it is written for the perspective
of the wee ones...)
This recipe also enabled me to get rid
of some sweetened condensed milk
I had stored in the fridge...
...which the kiddos found entirely disgusting...
...until the tasted the final results!

Oh, I love this season and all the fun that it brings...


For more Christmas cheer,
head on over to Holiday Bliss 2010...


  1. Thanks for the nice words! It looks like your kiddos ones had a good time all around :)

  2. Love your pics~what a neat idea for the community! Thanks for sharing! ;-))

  3. Oooo- thanks for sharing about the fudge. We will be having a Candy Cane day soon and that would be a wonderful thing to make. Enjoyed your pictures.

  4. I've had that happen with paint before.

  5. So glad you're having fun! I had that happen to brand new paint. So disappointing.