Tos Review: Smart Kids Productions- Nanuq Book and DVD

OK, if you have a kiddo who is IN LOVE with animals,
(like my Jungle Girl),
any of the "My Animal Family" books series
would be a great addition to her library.

We received...
...Nanuq: A Baby Polar Bear's Story
to review.

Now, this is not just a beautifully illustrated book.
It also contains...
...a DVD and a secret code to an interactive website.

All three of these items focus on a polar bear
Mama and her two babies and how they survive in the Arctic.


We ALL loved the book and its beautifully illustrated
plot line.

The DVD is also full of polar bear information,
courtesy of footage from the BBC.

The DVD contained extras, such a fun-filled facts
and a song.

(I have to admit, my kiddos and I did not really find
the song very useful,
but it contains educational information,
so it is a nice inclusion with the package.)


When we finally got onto the website, we first created...
...our explorer for our Arctic adventures.
(Isn't she cute?
We all enjoyed personalizing her together...)

While exploring the Arctic, we played games
to earn points, like...
...which have three different difficulty levels.

Now, for my 6 year old and 4 year old,
these were fun and challenging,
but my 8 year old
(though she had fun)
could have used a bit more difficulty in the games.

This website is geared for
pre-K through 2nd grade,
but not for the upper grades.

Also, I wish the Arctic had more games to explore.
HOWEVER, the creative team is working
to eventually have 24 different habitats to explore,
so I think that a membership to this site will
eventually be worth the wait.
(Click HERE to see more about the membership prices)

To learn more about the site,
click HERE to start a 14-day trial membership.


Currently, the site offers four books about
four different habitats,
ranging for the Arctic to Serengeti plains.

Each of these adventures cost $12.99 each,
but remember this price includes a hardback book,
a DVD, and
a membership to an interactive website.


Click HERE to learn more and explore...
...interactive habitats!


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. Great review! I'm glad your Jungle Girl and the others enjoyed this. Your Wonder Mom picture makes me smile. I remember enjoying that show with my Mom when I was about that age.

  2. Love that last picture in your post. Looks like they all were enjoying the site. Looks like a nice resource that my kids would enjoy.