2010 Gratitude Challenge Day Twenty-Eight

I am a sucker for a tear-jerker,
wipe the snot off your nose with your sleeve,
Hallmark movie.

Tonight I watched Hallmark's latest...
...November Christmas.

(I am such a sucker for a good Sam Houstan flick!)

You can read more about the film by going HERE.

Not ONLY did I watch this wonderful family film,
I also saw a slew of sugary-sweet
Hallmark commercials.

I am so thankful for a feel-good evening of
TV entertainment...


For more sappy (and not-so-sappy)
offerings of Thanksgiving,
head on over to the
2010 Gratitude Challenge...


  1. Laurel and I watched it. I'm all weepy and she's laughing at me!

  2. If anything can make me cry, it sure is a Hallmark movie and a few Hallmark commercials!

  3. I LOVE Hallmark movies too. They are my favorite. Thanks for sharing about this one. We do not have cable but I will have to see if it is on netflix or can be purchased. Just the picture of it makes me want to watch it.