2010 Gratitude Challenge Day Two

I am so grateful that God sent...
...this great girl into my life,
over eight years ago,
enabling me to enter the
world of motherhood.

Jungle Girl is my...
...kooky girl.

I am honored to be her mama...


To see what others are grateful for,
or to join in the fun yourself,
head on over to the
2010 Gratitude Challenge...


  1. At some point I'll get my gratitude post up. You're the second person I've seen participating in a gratitude challenge, and I really mean to do it, and finish it this year.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, and she looks like she could be quite the entertainer. ;) Children really are a blessing. I feel privileged to be a momma. :)

  3. Being a mother has to be THE best job/calling in the world. Loved the many faces of your daughter. Thanks for sharing her.

  4. Gracie girl is who made me first a nana. I still remember her vividly at three days old holding her for the first time. What a sweet girl she is and how we love her.

  5. Gracie was first -- she made me a papa and I couldn't have been more excited or in love with a little girl. In fact, I had to go buy my first digital camera to take pictures. It has been a delight to watch her grow, even at the age of eight, into a beautiful and charming young lady.