2010 Gratitude Challenge Days Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, and Twenty-Six

I have been MIA for the past three days
due to visiting family for Thanksgiving.

And this family contingent does not have
internet access or cable in their home...

(Which made this visit MUCH more memorable,
in a good way,
because we all were able to
talk and talk and talk and talk
with no digital distractions...)

I am late with my daily 2010 Gratitude Challenge.

I want to "sum up" the past three days
by saying I am EXTREMELY grateful for...



...and Fun!


For more fantastic offerings of thanksgiving,
head on over to the
2010 Gratitude Challenge...


  1. It looks like it was a lot of fun! Welcome back, and thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  2. I hate that photo of me, but I can't wait to spread the news to Khalfani that he's on the way to fame and fortune starting on your blog!