TOS Review: Digital Frog Field Trips

Recently, the kiddos and I took a field trip
to the Rainforest...

Well, not really.

We used this REALLY AWESOME software
from Digital Frog International,
The Digital Field Trip to the Rainforest.
Since we have been studying the classification of animals,
we tried out one of the learning games about...

In this game, the kiddos looked at pictures and video clips
of different animals and plants,
and then tried placing them in the correct layer of the rainforest.
Here's some info we learned about Iguanas...
When we placed the animal in the correct area,
the screen appeared like this...

...but, beware!
We killed a couple of animals along our journey!
(Which the kiddos found HILARIOUS!)


Not only does Digital Frog have field trips to the Rain Forest,
you can visit the Wetlands
or the Desert.

And, since there is NO WAY I could EVER afford to take
my kiddos to these places,
I think the price for the software is affordable.

Now, kiddos who are in upper elementary-High School
could accomplish these "trips" on their own,
but my kiddos definitely needed my guidance...

...and I am glad I was there to go exploring with them.

Otherwise, I might have missed out on...
....smiles like this!

Just click HERE for more info about Digital Frog and their products...


Disclaimer: I received this product free for my honest review.
I received no other compensation.


  1. I've never heard of that. Do you know if they have a mac version? It sounds awesome!

  2. Okay, I so I just caught up on like a month's worth of your posts because I've been lazy about getting on Blogger. You've been busy! Love your sense of humor - you are such a fun mom! Wanted to say hi. :)