Science Sunday: Could Someone PLEASE Teach This Child Some Table Manners?

OK, there are moments as a parent
when you find yourself impressed and disgusted
(at the same time)
by the behavior of your children.

A couple of weeks ago,
I had such a moment while dining with
my kiddos at our local
Texas Road House.

Perhaps is was the fun of throwing peanut shells on the floor,
or the fact that out-of-town family
had been visiting,
or the sheer amount of caffeine we let her have at lunch,
but Jungle Girl decided to perform an
"scientific experiment" of her own...

She was taking a balloon she had received at
the Fire Safety Festival earlier that day......blowing it up...
...putting it over the straw in her drink...
....and releasing the air.

What did she discover?
Bubbles, Bubbles, Toil, and Trouble!
Jungle Girl had her siblings and cousin in fits of giggles
by her antics.

(And, yes, I must admit, I was a tad more impressed
by her experimental mind than disgusted
by her atrocious table manners...)


For more scientific discoveries,
that are both kiddo and adult driven,
head on over to Science Sunday...


  1. I'm glad you admitted you were more impressed than disgusted, or I might have had to point out, the restaurant photo shoot was probably not the best way to discourage the behavior. But then, I was the one taking pictures of the bear scat at the park, and wondering if the kids could sift through it with a stick, without grossing out the guy on his computer at the nearby picnic table. The things we enourage for science!

  2. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha, it's not JUST ME!

    But, cool discovery on her part.

  3. There's no stopping a scientific mind! Time, nor place does not deter a curiuos scientist at work!!

    Oh how I love learning about yummy family traditions - those pumpkin cookies look fantastic. I love that this is now a second generation tradition.

  4. This is such a fun post! You guys sound just like our family