Math Monday: Witchy Patterns

Since this past week was the leading up to Halloween,
I took advantage of Little Wild Man's excitement
for the holiday and used...
...witches*** to create patterns.

(I created these easy-peasy pattern cards
by using stickers and squares of foam.)

We did a lot with the cards.
I would start a pattern and he would finish it...
...then he would start a pattern and I would finish it.

I would also refer to the patterns using terms such as
"ABAB" as well as
"Blue Witch, Broom, Blue Witch, Broom."
He really enjoyed this activity,
and so did I!


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**Now, a "side note" about using "witches"...

I am a Christian, and I do believe that witches,
as they relate to occult, exist.

Did I discuss this idea with my son?

Nope, not yet.

Right now, he sees them as
imaginary, cartoonish characters who can be
good or bad,
like in "The Wizard of Oz."

I used to imagine such worlds as a child,
ones where wicked witches battled the good wizards,
and I think it helped cement in me a sense of
good and evil in the world.

And, ultimately, how I am GLAD to be serving
a God who is the ULTIMATE good,
and will protect me from the true evil
that exists in this world.

I hope that my kiddos ask me questions about
the good and evil that are in the world,
and about how I deal with it all-

So that they too will come to know
the Savior I view as the world's
Ultimate Super Hero...


  1. Cute and very fun!

  2. LOVE both parts of your post. So very true. Have you ever heard the song "Jesus you're my superhero"? Super cute, I heard it this summer at the boys knight camp.

  3. Super cute! I thought the witches were very big until I saw the picture of your son which brought the witch down to scale. Thanks for linking!

  4. Patterning is such a great activity for young kids and I love the cute witch/brooms you used.