TOS TReview: Time 4 Learning

Baby Girl's face says it all about this product review...
...Time 4 Learning just plain old ROCKS!!!

The kiddos and I got to "play" with the program
for about a month.

During that time, my kiddos worked on
Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies concepts.
(This is a pic of one reading games Baby Girl played one day-
aren't the graphics wonderful?)
I did not registrar Little Wild Man for this program,
though he could have participated also,
since the level of this program is PreK-8th grade.

While working with the program,
the kiddos would ask daily,
"When do we get to play on the computer?"

Time 4 Learning REALLY makes learning fun,
especially if your kiddos are drawn to the wonderful world
of electronics.
The program CAN be the main part of your family's
homeschooling program,
if you want it to be.

There are definitely enough quality lessons to fill
a year of lessons.
Here's a pic of a lesson on synonyms
Jungle Girl worked on one day...
She was totally engrossed!


Other important info you should know:

*The program is easy to navigate and set up,
and it is run through via the internet.

*There is an on-line community available if you need
support or have questions.

*You can change the lessons' level of difficulty if you find
your child needs to challenged more or
needs to slow things down a bit.

*You can set a timer so the kiddos access to the
"free play" area can be monitored,
as well as the amount of minimal time you want
them to spend on their lessons.

*You can view your children's lessons beforehand
and their test/quiz answers after hand.

*There are even more printables available to
you to coordinate with the lessons.

*The cost for this program is
$19.95 per month for the first child,
and $14.95 for each additional child per month.

*You can click HERE for more information.


Hope y'all take a look at this program...

(There are free demos!)

Until the next review, I'll just say...
"Bye! Bye!"


Disclaimer: I received this product free in return for
my honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. We're trying a free demo on DreamBox right now, but this is on my list to check out, sometime soon!