Science Sunday: Photo Scavenger Hunt Hike

Today, our field trip left us...

We hiked the rather tame...
...Sugarlands Valley Trail
of the Great Smokey Mountains.

I have grown up in the shadow of the
Great Smokey Mountains,
and yet I believe I have only hiked a handful
of its trails.

I do NOT want my kiddos to ignore this beautiful creation
(as I have been guilty of),
so I am going to make more of an effort
to get us hiking.

Now, my kiddos are still in the "young" category,
so the hike we did today was perfect.


To increase the educational value of this field trip,
I created a photo scavenger hunt for the kiddos.
I put together a checklist for each kiddo
of natural items for them to look for.

When they found one of the items,
I would take a picture of it for them.
Here's a pine cone... insect...
...a "worm"...

(or some kind of caterpillar-
not sure -
but it "passed" for the checklist)

...and a "mushroom."

(NOT a mushroom, but this was
closest thing we could find!)


We also discovered many other
not on the checklist...


Since we scared off all the mammals and birds
that we needed to find on the checklist...
...we went to the Sugarlands Visitors Center
to take a gander at the exhibits in the small museum.
We saw several mountain mammals...

...and birds, too!


this field trip just left us


For more Science smiles,
head on over to
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  1. There is a super cool book with scavenger hikes in the smokies...I think it's even called that! There is one that takes you up one of the Greenbrier trails where you see a handmade rock wall, the remains of a fire place from a house, a Model T car....there's a lot of historical value to the hikes too! I found my copy on I think you can find it in local bookstores too. I used to have it right here at my desk and now I don't....I'll try to remember when I stand up to look up the title and author! haha....always a debatable occurrence!


  2. So funny- I BOUGHT that book at the Welcome Center after the hike! You are right- it looks WONDERFUL!!!