Math Monday: Tally Marks

Now, I know I'm showing y'all a picture...
...of our Science Book.

Well, Math and Science are often linked together,
as seen in one of our Science lessons this week.
Our Science book talked about how numbers
got their start.

One of the first ways people counted before numbers
was by using tally we decided to practice making some tally marks
while we played a game of Memory.
We used our Memory game, Post-It notes,
and markers for this simple math activity.Once the game got going...
...all we had to wait for was someone to find a match.

As matches were made,
each kiddo had to keep a tally of their matches
on the Post-It notes.

As you can see, Jungle Girl won with a tally of

Games are SUCH a fun way to work with Math!


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head on over to
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  1. Game scoring is the best way to learn tallies!

  2. Our JC loves Memory and I love finding other ways to use tallies! Great combo!

  3. What fun! Great use of tally marks.

  4. Great idea and cute pictures. Anna always asks me how numbers got their names - I have to look up some books about it and maybe do a tally mark activity as well. She doesn't like tally marks at all, because writing is involved :)