Tooth Trouble...

Last night, we had a sleepover at our house
with four friends.

During dinner,
one of our little friends...
...lost her first tooth!

She was excited...
...and a bit nervous about the whole thing,
since it didn't happen
while she was at home.

what's a Mom supposed to do
to reassure a special guest that
all is well
after losing that all important first tooth?

Contact the Tooth Fairy, of course!

She was very helpful.
She left a sweet note AND treat
WITHOUT taking the tooth.

(Our little friend wanted her parents
to see her tooth,
and the tooth fairy totally sympathized
with her plight...)
When the newly-toothless girl woke up to
a note on the bedroom door this morning...
...I believe the Tooth Fairy's
surprise put a smile on her face!


  1. Of course the Tooth Fairy did...
    "Be the best host you can be, right..."

  2. She looks so happy in hat last picture

  3. Such a great idea! I'm sure her parents were happy. (Although, wow, a dollar! You've set the standard high! :)

  4. Aw, that was so sweet to leave a note! She is so cute LOL