Math Monday: Wacky Wiffle Balls

Today's math post deals with shapes-
in particular,
circles (spheres) and rectangles.

This activity really put the kiddos'
fine motor skills to work, too...

(Oh, and let me preface this post by saying
I believe I saw a version of this activity
on someone else's blog,
but I do NOT remember where-
I'm so sorry!)
To make these
Wacky Wiffle Balls
you will need:

Wiffle balls
Craft foam, cut into 1"or so wide rectangles

Take a foam rectangle and poke it through
on of the ball's holes.
Using tweezers, pull the the strip through
another hole opposite of the hole you started at.
(It should look a little something like this...)
Keep on pushing strips into the ball...
...until all the hols are filled.
You can leave you ball like this...
...or jazz it up a bit by cutting the ends into strips.
What a fun way to work on shapes!

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head on over to Math Monday...


  1. Can you play with this wacky ball?

  2. TOTALLY- that's the best part! (My battery died before getting any pics of the kiddos playing with the balls- Little Wild Man especially had fun with the balls!)

  3. Interesting way to explore shapes - it looks like fun.

  4. How very cool! From another TOS reviewer;)

  5. Very cool! My little boy would love to make those. Thanks for the kind comment at my blog. I always appreciate words of encouragement. Thank you!