Before Meets After: Little Wild Man's Room

#2 on my "To Do" list while the kiddos were away
was finishing up
"the road"
in Little Wild Man's room.

When we moved into this house two years ago...
...I was able to paint Little Wild Man's room...
...EXCEPT for one little detail.
I never finished "the road."
The cars have waited long enough!

To finish the walls, I used...
...simple permanent markers...

...and a a white paint pen.

Now, I couldn't make a road
without cars, could I?
(Again, I have had these
Target Car Wall Decals
Looks like traffic is flowing nicely this evening on I-40...
Oh man- don't tail-gaters just drive you crazy?
(Hopefully this wall will not lead
Little Wild Man down the fast track
when he gets his driver's license!)


  1. Oh how cool is this!!?? What a cute idea for a little boys room. My son would have just loved this when he was younger. :o)

  2. That is so cool! I love the cars!