Before Meets After: Consignment Closet

This week,
all of my kiddos have been gone
visiting their Nana and Papa.

It has been VERY quiet around here.

To keep myself busy,
(And believe me, there's PLENTY of stuff
around here to keep me busy!),
I have been working on a couple of projects.

The first project,
which took me about four days to complete,
was organizing my
Consignment Sale Closet.

I help organize a children's consignment sale,
(known as The Lil' Angels Attic Sale)
at our church.

I keep all the "stuff" I am going to sell...
...on the right side of this crawl space/mini attic,
which is attached to my bedroom closet.

(The left side houses suitcases and holiday decor.)

I had been piling stuff upon stuff in that small space
over the past year.

I pulled it ALL out...

Can you see why this took me a few days to organize?


...I am breathing a sigh of relief.
All the clothes I will be selling
in the Fall and in the Spring are on hangers
and ready to go.
All the toys and other odds and ends
are cleaned and packaged,
ready to go to SOMEONE ELSE'S home.
My items for the fall sale
(which is at the end of September)...
...are all tagged and ready to leave.


I can now keep the closet organized...


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  1. I'm impressed. So need to do some of that. Slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth. That's how it's going here.