Works for Me Wednesday: I'm Packin' Clothes, not Heat...

Pack Palooza 2010...

The girls and I are getting ready
to go to church camp next week.

Little Wild Man will be headed north
to spend the week with his Nana and Papa
while Super Dad hangs back at home.

This results in a need for organization...

Something I have NOT been great at
(when it comes to packing)
in the past...
So I am trying out a new "system,"
AND I am not waiting until the last minute...

What a CONCEPT...
I am calling this "system"
"Packing a Roll,"
which reminds me of toilet paper...

all I am using is BIG rubber bands
and complete sets of outfits...
First, I laid out the longest item of
clothing on my bed,
which happens to the the shirts
since we will be wearing shorts all week.
I then layer the rest of the outfit's
bigger items onto the shirt...
...like so.
Then I fold in any of the shirt
that is "overhanging"
to create a nice rectangle shape.
I then add in the outfit's smaller items,
like my ESSENTIAL bandanna.
I then begin to roll all the clothing up lengthwise...
...to create a long "tube."
Next, I roll up the clothes...AGAIN...
...and bind the bundle with a big old rubber band.
Now, when the kiddos and I need an outfit
for the day,
we will just grab a roll and go!

For more helpful tips,
head on over to
Works for Me Wednesday...


  1. What a great idea! I may start doing that with the clothes in my girls drawer! Then I never have to listen to MOM I CAN"T FIND _______ ever again!!

  2. This is such a great idea! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Great idea! I particularly like this for overnight swim meet stays at hotels when we don't unpack the bag. Love it!