what i wore wednesday: Red, White, and Blue...Yahoo!

No pics for Thursday and Friday,
because those were basically PJ days...

My younger kiddos were sick,
which meant little sleep for Wonder Mom.

Pajama Days are a REQUIREMENT
in our household when a person is sick,
tired, or just needs a break for the norm...

Now for this week's pics...

I must say I was pretty patriotic over the weekend...

Red, White, and "Mew-Mew" Outfit

Watched our neighborhood parade,
went to a birthday cook out,
and watched some fireworks in the 'hood

Even my toes got some action...

Red, White, and "Mu-Mu"

Sure, this top is a bit "Mu-Mu" in appearance,
but it's SOOOOOO comfortable,
which is a MUST as the teacher for our
Kindergarten-1st grade class at church...

I also adore the crocheted details...

...AND I wore my FAV earrings-
hoops my mother wore in the '70's-
totally groovy...

Where's the RED in my ensemble, you ask?

In my bangles, of course!

Later, after church on Sunday,
I slipped into another patriotic T-shirt...
Fancy Firecracker

Cool and comfy for watching fireworks
on TV......since Little Wild Man is TERRIFIED of them
in person!


Let's Do 10 Loads of Laundry

Oh yeah...
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

Cute in Coral
(Sorry for the blurry pic!)

Please note my earrings from Africa...
which I need to fix...
'Casue they are missing a bead or two...
But I wore 'em anyway...
'Cause I love 'em!
My daughter took this pic of my hair for me...

It is virtually impossible to take a picture
of the back of your own head...

I know, I tried...


Well, that wraps up this week!

Next week I'll be at camp,
sporting MANY different bandannas, I'm sure...

So, until then,
check out other cutie-patootie outfits
over on
"what i wore wednesday!"


  1. Too cute! You look great. :)

  2. Love the church top - even if it is a little Mu-Muish :) It looks sooo cool and comfortable.

  3. Your comments just make my day - you are TOO good to me! :) So glad to see you back at WIWW. And for some reason my "follow" didn't stick so I'm trying again. Love your ideas for the kiddos at church. We're in the nursery these days since my little one is just 18 months, but these are great ideas for when we move up to the preschool room! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Pretty sure I wore the laundry-day outfit every day this week. Sadly, I got bleach on my favorite black running shorts, so you should NOT wear your favorite running/laundry-day clothes if you are bleaching shower doors.

  5. What a fun post! I crochet, so I thought the crochet embellishment on your shirt was very pretty! Loved your pedicure, and the salute too!.. The turtles t-shirt looked like fun to wear! Who says you have to be a bore just because it's laundry day?! I had to smile at your last pic. My daughter and I have been playing with braids this week too, trying new styles from different sites and videos on the internet!! Maybe I'll include them in my next post sometime!.. Have a good week! ~tina

  6. lovely! good job on all the RED WHITE and BLUE! it's awesome!
    happy fourth!

  7. Oh my goodness, your toes are so cute!!! :-) Very patriotic!!! Love the hair too!

  8. I love your laundry outfit. You're awesome.