Parade Polish...

In our neighborhood,
every year there is a
4th of July Parade...

Last year was our 1st time
to participate,
and we had so much fun...

...making T-shirts and pop-poms...
...and decorating our vehicles for the big event.


This year, well, things were a little different...

Both Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
"caught" some kind of virus,
which lead to fevers, sore throats,
and a couple of rough nights of sleep.

So, on Saturday morning,
(the parade was on July 3rd
this year since the 4th fell on a Sunday)...
...Jungle Girl and her pal Eep
left for the parade...
...leaving behind a very sad Baby Girl.

Guess what lighten the mood?

Nail polish, of course!

(Side Note: I LOVE the "Stripe Rite"
nail polish-
The brush in the bottle is very thin,
making decorating nails a breeze!
I purchased ours at a local "Sally Beauty" store.)

While the parade was rounding the curb...
...Baby Girl was getting her "Stars and Stripes" on!
We celebrated the parade as spectators this year,
watching all the kiddos display their patriotic pride......while on their scooters and bikes...
...and bare feet!
Little Wild Man
rode his Big Wheel
in our driveway in support of the big day...
...and enjoyed some new Silly Bands
instead of having a mani and a pedi.


Final results of the makeover?
Polka dotted fingers...
...and striped toes!

And did Wonder Mom get in on the fun?
This pedicure matches my Under-Roos perfectly...


  1. No fun to be sick during a parade! But, I'm glad they (and you) still had some fun :)

  2. I'm never awake enough to participate in our neighborhood parade, these pictures make me jealous of yours, maybe next year.

    It takes too long to load posts, so on the joyful noise, my kids are always glad to have any excuse to make a "joyful noise."