Make a Joyful Noise...or SOMETHING like that...

Today in Sunday School,
my Kindergarten and 1st grade kiddos
learned about how a woman named Hannah
was so sad because she did not have a baby.

So, she prayed to God about her sadness...

He heard her prayers.

She left the temple,
after receiving a blessing from Eli the priest,
with her face "no longer downcast."
(1 Samuel 1:1-20)

To celebrate with Hannah,
the kiddos made some
"Jubilee Joy Sticks"
(aka drumsticks)
and then created a JOYFUL noise...

Or something like that... :0)

To make the "Jubilee Joy Sticks"
we used:

Blank label stickers

Using the markers,
the kiddos decorated four of the stickers
(two for each pencil).
They then wrapped two stickers...around each pencil...
...and they had a "Jubilee Joy Stick!"

(They then repeated the process
for the other pencil to complete the
drumstick set.)
(Side Note: The pencils CAN be sharpened
whenever the kiddos tire of drumming.)

(Another Side Note: I found this craft SOMEWHERE
on someone's blog,
but I do not know where now...
I DEEPLY apologize for not giving you the credit-
whomever you are,
you creative genius!)

Kiddos hard at work...

Those kiddos can make a GREAT drumbeat!
(The girls in my class from China
also showed us all how to "transform"
the drumsticks into chopsticks!)

"Worship the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs."
~Psalm 100:2


  1. Very fun! I like the boys drumming away - I'm sure the noise was terrific :)

  2. Amber - you are just awesome. Thank you for using your gifts to teach the young ones in our congregation. It is obvious they were having a lot of fun. My kids remember Miss Mary Lou...these kids will remember Miss Amber!